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Should You Buy A Plasma TV Or LCD TV?

Both plasma and LCD technology are the latest technology available in home entertainment. They are less bulky than the traditional cathode ray tube televisions and offer better resolution and high quality pictures.

So which one is better? Plasma TV or LCD TV? Since they are priced almost the same, it can be difficult to determine which is the better one.

The answer depends on what you plan to do with it. The technology behind these plasma and LCD is quite different.

For plasma tv, it is made up of thousands and thousands of small pixels with the color scheme RGB (Red, Green and Blue). These primary colors can combine to produce millions of variations of colors.

A plasma tv consists of two panels that are filled in between with neon gas or xenon. As electricity is passed through the gas, it becomes liquid and can generate light. The light in turns lights the pixels and together the pixels form a image. Now this happens quite quickly up to 50 frames per second.

I would recommend getting a plasma tv if you are watching movies etc. It has a higher colour resolution and clearer picture image than LCD TV.

LCD TV uses a panel of cells that are filled with liquid crystals. When the electricity is passed through these cells, the liquid crystals allows lights to pass through or be filtered. By blocking the different wavelengths of lights, the different colours are displayed. It works in a way like a prism.

I would recommend a LCD TV if you use it for digital photography or playing computer games. The response time are better for LCD TV compared to Plasma TV and can be used as a monitor for your computer.

Plasma TV and LCD TV each have their own applications and use with both advantages and disadvantages. The decision to buy which one will depend on your needs

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